[Interior view, saloon detail]

Interior view, saloon detail. Yet another view of the "garage", looking forward from the galley. Allow me to introduce my toolboxes and toolbins (from left to right): The upper gray toolbox contains lots of drill bits, saw blades, grinder disks, and other small accessories. The lower gray toolbox contains numerous small hand tools, like screwdrivers and pliers, hammers, small clamps, etc. The yellow toolbox has electrical supplies (like crimp connectors, electrical tape, heat-shrink tubing, etc.) and electrical tools (wire strippers, crimp tool, etc.). The orange toolbox contains small woodworking tools, like chisels, small saws, small planes, files, an "eggbeater" drill, sanding blocks, etc. The big blue toolbin contains power tools, like a drill, jigsaw, sawzall, angle grinder, Dremel tool, plus a fluorescent work light and extension cords. The smaller blue toolbin contains all kinds of stuff: big adjustable wrenches, big pipe wrenches, a palm sander, all the pieces for the portable vise, a smaller vise, a big measuring tape, sharpening stones, plus other unknown things too deep to dig out. The dark gray toolbox contains a million (more or less) stainless steel fasteners, plus taps, locktite, x-acto knives, teak bungs, cotter pins, etc. The far gray toolbox contains mechanic's tools, like sockets and wrenches, torque wrench, hand-operated impact wrench, etc. On the cabin sole next to the table is a footlocker (barely visible, and mostly empty, surprisingly enough). On top of the footlocker is my computer printer and a plastic tub with computer accessories. I think I need a bigger boat!