[On deck, forward end of cockpit]

On deck, forward end of cockpit. Here you see the engine instrument panel, behind a lexan protective panel. The red dot on the instrument panel is a combination buzzer/light to warn you of low oil pressure or high coolant temperature. This is a standard item sold by Cole-Hersee. Above the instrument panel, you see the depth sounder and knotmeter. Between the two dials, you see a small white bar which is a light that comes on when the bilge pump is active. Below the instrument panel, you see a round electrical connector (for a spotlight) then two oblong 12V connectors (one for the cockpit GPS, one for the cockpit light and/or portable anchor light). The round connector is a special connector set that I ordered from the Allied Electronics catalog to replace a cheesy two-pin DC connector. The spotlight has a springy coiled cord, and the connector plug used to pull out of the outlet, since it was held in-place only by the friction of two small pins. The new connectors are twist-lock. To the right of the instrument panel, you see a padeye for clipping in your harness when coming up from below. There is another cockpit padeye near the helm. The speaker is for the main VHF, which is below by the nav station. There is another speaker below by the nav station, with a switch for selecting inside/outside/both speakers. I normally leave the main VHF on channel 16, and use the handheld VHF in the cockpit to talk to marinas, other boats, etc. To prevent audio feedback, I have a switch in the cockpit cubby to disable the cockpit VHF speaker. The big black object at left is the Coleman PowerMate generator, double-wrapped in trash bags (how elegant!).