Living On A Tractor-Trailer Truck 

[Picture of my Freightliner truck]  
My Freightliner Century-Class truck, parked at a rest area on the Delaware Turnpike while waiting to deliver to K-Mart stores in the Philadephia suburbs.  

After spending several years cruising around on my sailboat, I decided it was time to take a break from cruising and get a job to earn more cruising funds. Although I had been a computer engineer by profession, my interest in computers had waned over time, plus the computer job market had withered. After much contemplation, I decided to become a long-distance truck driver, even though I had never driven a big truck before—in fact, I had never even been in one!

Although this career twist seems rather improbable, over the course of several months, I received extensive training and finally did, in fact, become a long-distance truck driver. During the whole process, I kept a detailed journal to document my experiences. I wrote the journal in three sections, corresponding to the three main steps I encountered in my new career: (1) getting formal training at a truck driving school, (2) getting hired by a trucking company and getting additional on-the-job training, and (3) "graduating" to solo driving. I have already posted my journal on an internet site catering to new truck drivers (, see internet links, below). I have also posted my journal on my own web site, so you can read the journal sections by clicking on the following links.

John's Truck Driving Journal

Internet Links

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