Disc Dog Contest

A dog makes a spectacular catch in midair.   The contest was held at Griscom Field in Annapolis (which is part of Truxtun Park).

We've probably all seen a dog chasing after a frisbee: the owner sends the disc flying across a field and the dog sprints in pursuit; as the disc floats to earth, the dog leaps into the air and snatches the disc with a canine chomp. Most people would consider this to be a casual moment of "fun with your pet", but some people take it more seriously. In fact, some people take it very seriously. These people have formed national and international organizations that stage formal competitions to find the best "disc dog" in the world. The competitions are quite elaborate, with different divisions (open, sport, recreational), different owner categories (expert, women's, youth, team), and different events (distance/accuracy, freestyle, time trials, etc.), plus the usual rules and regulations, entry forms, calendar of events, and official merchandise.

Disc dog enthusiasts held one such official competition on Saturday, June 24, 2006, at Griscom Field in Annapolis (which is part of Truxtun Park). The event was billed as the Hyperflite Skyhoundz Northeast Regional Disc Dog Contest; winners would be invited to the World Championship held this fall in Atlanta, Georgia. The announcer mentioned that there were competitors from a number of states in the northeast region. If you're interested in watching a competition in your area, check out the internet links for event announcements.

This was the first disc dog competition that I attended, and I was surprised by how formal and carefully organized it was. Although it was fun for everyone (dogs, owners, and spectators), it also was a very formal competition not unlike an olympic event. It was a hot and sunny day, and without any sunscreen, I didn't stay to see the whole competition (which went on for hours). I did manage to get quite a few good pictures of dogs chasing frisbees, though.

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