Sailing Through the Trade Winds

Nine of Cups, a Portrait In Details

Around this time in the voyage, I got out my camera and took a bunch of what I call "detail shots" of Nine of Cups, portraying not the overall boat but some of the innumerable small details. It was an enjoyable exercise and I got some nice shots. Here are seven pages of pictures, after which the story continues.

Lines running along the starboard bulwark. The thick line is the jib sheet; the two thin lines are the control lines for the two furlers. The red line attaches to a snatch block on the jib sheet to improve the sheeting angle (you can see the shadow of the snatch block).   Nine of Cups' bow, with the massive Bruce anchor nestled on the bow roller. The line controls the jib furler.

The caprail is the dividing line between ship and sea.   An anchor fluke.

The bow wave curls back.  

The top of the windlass, with the manufacturer's name.   A bolt holding the chain pipe to the deck.

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