Visiting Easter Island (Boat-Based)

Cruising Lifestyle

After a very busy and interesting day, David made pizza for dinner, which we enjoyed with a bottle of fine Chilean wine compliments of the Captain of the Simpson (whose business card said Ronald Von Der Weth Fischer, Capitán De Fragata, Comandante Submarino Simpson). Overall I thought the past couple of days have been terrific, with so many interesting and unusual things happening. David mentioned that so far during their cruising adventure, they manage to have a similarly unique and interesting experience every couple of months or so. In fact, about two months ago we visited Ballenita and met Capitán and Yolanda Dillon at Farallón Dillon, which certainly qualified as a unique and interesting experience.

The Dutch sailboat White Haze, which arrived at Easter Island just as we were getting ready to leave.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004 (Day 14 at Easter Island)

Lying in bed this morning, I heard another English-speaking boat call the Armada on the VHF. It was the Dutch sailboat White Haze and from the details they mentioned, they had just arrived from the Juan Fernández Archipelago and are bound for Salinas, Ecuador. This is exactly opposite from the route we are taking; I wonder why?

They wanted to moor their boat in the cove at Hanga Piko, because with only two people aboard (a couple), they wanted to tie up the boat and both go ashore. However, the Armada said there already was a boat in Hanga Piko and wouldn't let the Dutch boat go there, saying they should anchor off Hanga Roa for today near the other sailboat (us). A short time later, White Haze anchored near us. The boat was a smallish traditional-looking sloop with a wood cabin trunk. Later, Marcie called White Haze on the radio to introduce ourselves.

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