Visiting Easter Island (Land-Based)

Anakena Beach


After driving back out to the main road, I decided to stop at Anakena, and boy was I surprised! Our visit to Anakena on Nine of Cups was a pleasant and tranquil affair, with easy dinghy rides to shore across placid water. Today was another story. Heavy surf was rolling into the cove, crashing explosively on the rocks at each side of the cove, and surging up the beach. The wind was blowing spray up from the beach and into the coconut grove. It definitely was a very inhospitable anchorage today; it wasn't even a good day to visit the beach. In fact, Robert said this morning that he visited yesterday and kept getting sand blown into his face.

After Anakena, I headed back across the island on the main road that cuts diagonally across the island. Frankly, this stretch wasn't too interesting, although the road did pass through several dense eucalyptus groves, which is what passes for forest on this once treeless island. Just before reaching the turnoff for the southeast coast road, I turned right at a sign and headed north up a dirt track to visit some inland sights.


Ahu Nau Nau at Anakena, with Maunga Pukatikei on the Poike Peninsula looming unnaturally large in this telephoto shot.   The parking lot next to the picnic grounds at Anakena. The few huts near the parking lot are stalls operated by food and trinket vendors.

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