Visiting Easter Island (Land-Based)

Caves of Ana Te Pahu (continued)

Two different skylights, where a portion of the cave's ceiling collapsed, allowing natural illumination to enter. There was enough light for plants to grow inside the cave under the skylight.

At a few places along the tunnel the ceiling had collapsed, which created a skylight that provided natural illumination for the adjacent portions of the tunnel. The light also allowed plants to grow on the floor of the cave under the skylight. At one of the bigger skylights, a whole grove of banana trees was growing in the partially sheltered space. In another part of the cave, light from an opening allowed hundreds of ferns to grow, receding back into the cave until the light was too dim even for ferns.

I'm standing outside a side tunnel, looking in at the fern-covered floor. This is a time exposure, so the scene actually looked much dimmer than this.   A closer view of the ferns, from the front.

A backlit view of the ferns, from inside the tunnel.   A close-up of a backlit fern. All these shots are time exposures, with the camera propped up on convenient rocks.

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