Visiting Easter Island (Land-Based)

Hanga Roa Waterfront Park (continued)

As I mentioned before, I'm not quite sure which moai this is, but it might be Ahu Akapu.  

After leaving the museum I pedaled a little farther northward up the coast road, with my trusty canine companion running alongside. I wanted to revisit the single moai along the shoreline that I saw the other day when I had the car. Again, the light then was poor, and I wanted to retake the pictures. Fido accompanied me as I walked around and took pictures. When I went close to the cliffs along the shoreline he didn't follow me, so I guess he was afraid of heights. While I was at the cliffs, I saw the dog running across the grass, away from me. Following his trajectory, I saw that another person had come near the moai to take pictures; the dog now attached himself to his new friend and I saw them walking away together.

Closer views of the moai.

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