Visiting Easter Island (Land-Based)

West Coast Road Scenery (continued)

I'm not quite sure which moai this is, but it might be Ahu Akapu. It is located north of Hanga Roa near the museum.  

More crashing surf, after a few days of stiff onshore winds.  

I was glad when I finally got back to paved roads in Hanga Roa. By now I was pretty tired, and was pretty well pictured-out, too (I took the last bunch of pictures without much enthusiasm). It was nearly 5:00 p.m. and I was anxious to get to the gas station to top off the tank, since I didn't know how late they'd be open.

As I drove through town I passed the soccer field across from the small boat harbor. There was a spirited game in progress with a huge crowd, probably everybody in town. Cars were parked on both sides of the narrow street, leaving only one lane for through traffic in the center (alternate feed).

At the gas station, the car took just over 4,000 pesos worth, which I thought was pretty good for all the driving I did. It wasn't much more than the last time I rented the car, but I drove many more miles today. I think the car rental folks drive the car around town, then rent it to you claiming the tank is full. It may register full but I think last time they used up some of the gas. Oh well, this time I dinged one of their tires, so I guess we're even.

As I left the station, there was one more sight I wanted to see, the beach and ahu at Vinapu. I actually started in that direction, but the weather was so bleak (low overcast with misty drizzle) that I turned around and went back to the hotel. A short time later, the rental car guy came to pick up the car. Later, I saw Luci coming home and intercepted her to pay for the laundry. Then the usual chores: recharge gizmos and update journal. As I was finishing up my journal, I heard the Lan Chile flight depart, heading for Tahiti. They come back the other direction tomorrow, which is when Robert will leave.

More rough surf, looking north from just north of Hanga Roa.  

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