Visiting Isla Santa Cruz in the Galápagos Archipelago

Las Grietas (continued)

Looking into the depths of the blue water from the top of the chasm.  

After enjoying the unique scenery, Marcie and David headed back to the boat while I lingered to take more pictures. I wound up walking back in the midday heat, and as I passed the salt pans it felt like I was in an oven—intense heat enveloped me and I practically gasped for air. By the time I got back to the boat, I was really wiped out. Even though I had consumed 2-1/2 bottles of water I remained dehydrated and lethargic. It was easy to understand why local folks take a midday break—the extreme heat can be stultifying and even hazardous.

One reason we returned separately is that Marcie and David had an appointment with Luis, a local camioneta driver they had hired to drive them to the the gas station at the edge of town. There is no marina or fuel dock in the Galápagos, so David had decided to refill Nine of Cups' fuel tank by ferrying jugs of fuel by camioneta and water taxi. After returning to the boat from Las Grietas, Marcie and David loaded the empty jugs in another water taxi and rode to the landing. Luis drove them to the gas station but they discovered that the station had stopped pumping diesel hours ago. All their effort was wasted; they'll have to try again another day.

More rocks, ripples, and reflections; the right-hand picture is a close-up.

I thought these ripples and reflections looked like an impressionistic painting. The light color is a reflection of the sky while the dark color is a shadow that lets you look into the blue-green water. The pinkish color is a reflection of a brightly illuminated reddish rock in the cliff just above (but out of the picture).

At the bottom of the chasm, looking one way you see water, looking the other way, this is what you see—an impassable jumble of big boulders.   Lava lizard.

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