Visiting Isla Isabela in the Galápagos Archipelago

Tortoise Breeding Center (continued)

These two pictures are of Galápagos cotton, an endemic species. The flower is very showy like a hibiscus, but it was breezy and the petals blew in the breeze and covered the center. The other picture shows the cotton boll.

This low-growing plant had leaves fringed with black.   This small plant had numerous tiny spikes, each of which had a tiny droplet of liquid at the end.

We passed through this grove of trees on the path to the tortoise breeding center.   These small white flowers were fairly common along the path.

This is a painted locust, an endemic species. It's about two inches long, which is pretty big for a bug.  

After our day's adventure, we walked back to the dinghy and saw that it had handfuls of sand in it and the motor had been turned around. Obviously the kids at the beach had been playing in it. Also today we saw a C-130 cargo plane that looked like it had just taken off from the small local airport. We have seen very few airplanes, even on the mainland, plus there are never any contrails in the sky. It's nice to get away from the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the modern world and into a world where people are much more likely to travel by horse than airplane.

I'm starting to have a problem with clothes here at Isla Isabela. I wind up getting my shorts wet with seawater during wet landings. This makes them uncomfortable to wear and slow to dry, due to the salt. I also go through shirts much faster than expected since I sweat so much. Marcie has been helping me out by rinsing out a shirt for me when she does a sink-load of laundry. I will likely have to rinse out the shorts, too, since they get icky after a while. In retrospect, I could have used more shirts/shorts (and fewer socks) but I really didn't have any more space in my luggage when I flew down.

The next page has more pictures of our trip to the tortoise breeding center.

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