Sailing To New York City

Visiting Liberty Landing Marina In Jersey City (continued)

Unfortunately, this is the best picture of the lightship that I have; it's the small ship with the two masts. For better pictures and full information, visit the internet link, below.   The bell of the lightship, used as a fog warning signal. On the bell, it says "U.S.L.H.S." which means United States Lighthouse Service, and it's dated 1923, which is when the ship was built.

One of the beefy bollards on the ship, used to tie the ship to shore. When used as a lightship in the harbor, the ship was secured by a giant mushroom anchor dropped from the bow.   I assume this was the lightship's propeller, although there wasn't any sign.

After I got back from the bathroom, I spent a few hours working on chores, such as hooking up the shore power, throwing out the trash, filling the water tanks, doing a big wash and scrub of the deck, washing the windlass locker, cleaning the cockpit teak, cleaning the cockpit grates and drains, and tidying up and covering the sails. Meanwhile, Jerome did a bunch of chores, too, including thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming below.

Afterwards, I was drenched in sweat (it was a hot and humid day), so as planned, I took a shower in the lightship bathroom. Again, it was underwhelming, with no privacy, meager hot water, and not even a soap dish for your soap.

That evening before dinner, I told Jerome that I would be leaving Pilgrim tomorrow morning to head back to Maryland. He would have preferred that I stay longer, so he was disappointed, but understanding.

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