First Shakedown Cruise

Cruising Back To Annapolis

Jerome in the cockpit (standing on the seat), as seen from the companionway.  

Thursday, May 10, 2007

After spending a peaceful night at anchor in Galesville, today we'll be going out on the bay for more sailing practice. The idea is to work our way back to Annapolis and spend the upcoming night at anchor in Annapolis. Then tomorrow, I'll return to shore since I have other plans for the weekend.

We sailed out to the bay and spent some time tacking back and forth in wind that was OK but not great. We also tried reefing the mainsail (it has three reef points) and noticed that the reefing lines were crossed after they came out of the sheaves at the end of the boom (we'll have to re-run the lines, later). The mainsail on the Tayana 42 is quite powerful, and we still made good boat speed in moderate wind even with one reef in the main (without the staysail, too). Many boats have only two reefs in the main, but as powerful as the Tayana's main is, you might need to use the third reef from time to time.

Looking up at Pilgrim's mast and sails, with the sun shining through a small window in the jib.   The spreaders, with a couple of burgees fluttering in the breeze. The upper burgee is for the Seven Seas Cruising Association (Jerome is a member).

Jerome standing on the side deck by a mast pulpit, with the Eastern Shore in the background. Since neither one of us is at the helm, the autopilot must be steering (I hope).

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge, still several miles away. The bridge looks rather odd, until you realize there are actually two bridges: the southern bridge was completed in 1952 and now carries eastbound traffic, while the northern bridge (completed in 1973) carries westbound traffic.  

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