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We stayed at two different anchorages in Martinique. The first was near Sainte-Anne, the next was near Le Marin, both at the southern end of the island. It was fun going ashore to explore. Martinique is definitely part of France—everything written and spoken is in French, we spent French francs, and you could get baguettes (French bread) in the morning. We also got to experience some island night life, although to tell the truth, I'm not much of a "party animal".

[Official building in Martinique]   [Boarded-up building]
This official building in Martinique had written on it the famous French motto "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité".   I though this was an interesting-looking building, with a lot of "character".

[Tourist building]   [Old cathedral]
I think this was the tourist office, but I seem to recall it was closed.   An old and simple cathedral.

[Tropical cemetary near harbor]   [Beachfront cafe tables]
This was a cemetary that overlooked the harbor.   The tables in the foreground were for a beachfront cafe. You can see a windsurfer approaching the shore.

[Our Beneteau at anchor]   [Small seaplane taking off]
I took this picture of our Beneteau at anchor from the dinghy.   In one of the anchorages on Martinique, some rich guy had a play toy—his own seaplane. It wasn't a full-size airplane, but was instead like a fancy ultralight airplane.

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