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[Sailing back to St. Lucia]   [View below while sailing]
This is the other student at the helm, while we were sailing back to St. Lucia.   This is a view below in the main cabin as we were sailing, looking forward. The picture looks crooked, but the camera was approximately level—the angle is due to the heeling of the boat (note the gimbaling stove).

[Approaching an anchorage]   [Approaching St. Lucia]
We are approaching an anchorage. I believe this is still in Martinique.   This is a view of Pigeon Island at the northwest corner of St. Lucia, as we were approaching the island after sailing back from Martinique. The anchorage we were heading to is around the point at Rodney Bay.

[Resort hotel at Rodney Bay]   [View of Rodney Bay anchorage]
This is a resort hotel near the anchorage at Rodney Bay. There are two anchorages at Rodney Bay. We used the outer anchorage which is off the beach in the lee of the island. There is also a crowded and shallow inner anchorage inside a protected harbor.   This is another view of the outer anchorage at Rodney Bay. This view is well to the right of the previous view, where the beach ends at a mountain.

[Boats in anchorage at Rodney Bay]   [Closeup view of big schooner]
Here are some boats at anchor in Rodney Bay. You can see Pigeon Island in the background.   This is a closeup view of the big schooner at anchor, visible in the previous picture.

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