Highlights of the Desert Southwest

[Map of road trip from Moab, Utah.]  
This is how we got from Moab back to California. Click on the map for a bigger version (51 kb); use your browser's "back" command to return here.  

It's hard to travel anywhere in the desert southwest without bumping into notable attractions, and it would be a shame to drive right past without stopping. With a little planning, you can hit the high spots without busting your budget or schedule. My friend John planned a southern route for our return to California; the route would allow us to explore new territory and take in some sights.

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Pictures of the Desert Southwest

[Mesa Verde.]

Mesa Verde - The world-famous site of cliff dwellings used by the ancient Native Americans.

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[Four Corners.]

Four Corners - The only place in America where four states come together at a point – you can actually stand in four states at the same time.

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[Monument Valley.]

Monument Valley - The epitome of desert southwest scenery; its sandstone buttes have appeared in many motion pictures.

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[Lee's Ferry.]

Lee's Ferry - The location of a historic ferry across the Colorado River.

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[Glen Canyon Dam.]

Glen Canyon Dam - The dam provides electricity and water management for the southwest. It also inundated a spectacularly beautiful canyon.

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[Antelope Canyon.]

Antelope Canyon - A much-photographed slot canyon on a Navajo reservation near Page, Arizona.

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