Green River Kayak Camping Trip

[Drifting down the Green River, through a desert wilderness.]  
Drifting down the Green River, through a desert wilderness.  

In early March 1999, I went on a six-day kayak camping trip on the Green River, near Moab, Utah. We put-in at Mineral Bottom, 52-miles above our take-out point just below the confluence with the Colorado River. The river passed through beautiful desert scenery, in many areas winding through steep, rocky canyons. Most of the route passed through desert wilderness, far from any signs of civilization, except for occasional relics of the Native Americans who inhabited the area centuries ago.

There were four of us paddling together, three in kayaks and one in a raft, all organized and led by my friend John Scheib (who is a good adventure thinker-upper). As wilderness campers, we carried with us all our gear and supplies, including drinking water and a portable toilet (required by regulations). During the day, we paddled or just drifted with the current and watched the ever-changing riverbank scenery slowly pass by. We observed the weird and colorful rock formations and the sparse desert vegetation, and occasionally stopped to explore the riverbanks and canyonlands. At night, we camped under the glittering stars, and woke each morning ready for another day of adventure and spectacular scenery.

I kept a trip journal and took lots of pictures, and have prepared several pages for you to peruse. Each of the following sections describes a portion of the trip and contains one or more pages. You can click on any of the following links to visit the individual pages, or you can start at the beginning and use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page to browse the pages in sequential order.

Pictures of the Green River Trip

[Nevada highway.]

Getting to Moab - For me, the trip started with a cross-country flight from Maryland to my friend's house in the San Francisco Bay area. We then drove to Moab, Utah, following U.S. Route 50, an old highway from the pre-interstate era. Route 50 is called "The Loneliest Road In America", since modern interstates have siphoned off most of the traffic. What's left behind is a charming and authentic slice of Americana.

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[Put-in on the Green River.]

Starting the Paddling Trip - In Moab, we met up with the two other members of our paddle trip and made final arrangements with the river outfitter for drop-off and pick-up service. Drop-off was via a road trip in a bus towing a boat trailer stacked with canoes and kayaks. The ride ended with a white-knuckle descent down steep cliffside switchbacks to the put-in at Mineral Bottom. After preparing our boats, we slipped them into the Green River (which is actually brown) and began our adventure.

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[Paddling on the Green River.]

Paddling Through the Desert - For six days and five nights, we paddled through majestic desert wilderness as the river wound its way through colorful canyons.

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[Take-out on the Colorado River.]

Ending the Paddling Trip - We paddled to the end of the Green River and entered the Colorado River, which marked the end of our journey. We beached our boats on the riverbank and awaited our pick-up. The ride back entailed a speedy jetboat ride up the Colorado River, followed by a slow drive back to Moab in a school bus.

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[Monument Valley, Arizona.]

Highlights of the Desert Southwest - After we completed the paddling trip in Utah, John and I drove back to his home in California. Being adventurous travelers, we took the long way back and visited several other notable sites in the desert southwest. Visit these pages to see some of my pictures.

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