Marching Down Fifth Avenue and Broadway (Continued) 

[Empire State Building]  
Looking up at the Empire State Building, a magnificent architectural icon of New York City and the Empire State (which is the slogan of the State of New York).  

Fifth Avenue architecture. I thought this made a pretty good picture, and I liked it best as a black and white shot.  

[Fifth Avenue]  
Looking south down 5th Avenue from the intersection with 28th Street. The crowd seems to be smaller, but it's an illusion caused by the crowd walking faster, forcing it to stretch out.  

[Fifth Avenue]  
Looking north up 5th Avenue from the same vicinity, with the Empire State Building standing proud in the late afternoon sunlight.  

[Flatiron Building]  
The Flatiron Building, a narrow triangular building at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway. The marchers are now walking south on Broadway, heading towards Union Square.  

[Street scene]  
Looking north from Broadway, just south of the intersection with Fifth Avenue. The greenery of Madison Square Park is on the right.  

Here are more pictures from this part of the protest march.

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