Washington Anti-War March (continued)

A sampling of the sign sentiment:

Anything War Can Do Peace Can Do BetterPeace Is PatrioticWar Is So Last Century
Bush is the worst disaster to hit U.S.An eye for an eye makes the whole world blindBush Lies Thousands Die
No Blood For OilWar is not the answer[picture of Bush looking like Alfred E. Neuman, including the gap in his teeth] Worried? You bet I am!
One "gate" brought Nixon down. How many gates must it take to bring Bush down? [with a list of all the Bush administration misadventures, written as xxx-gate]Bring Home National Guard TroopsBring The Troops Home Now
Fund the people's needs, not the war machineMoney for jobs, not warWe the people say no to the Bush agenda
America stands with CindyFrom New Orleans to Iraq - Stop the war on the poorGeorge W. Bush, War Criminal, Mass Murderer, Dictator
College not combatImpeach the idiotWe need a plan!
Relief not warHow many soldiers per gallon does your SUV get?Resist this illegal war
Bush lies, and this war has made no one saferThe Lyin' King [with a drawing of Bush]If you're not worried or mad, you're not paying attention!
Abstain from Bush and DickGreed Over People [a play on GOP]Troops out now
Rope a DopeGeorge and Dick's X!@?*!! AdventureIt's all about the oil
Support our troops, bring them homeImpeach Bush, take back the USAWeapon of mass destruction [with a picture of Bush's face inside a cartoon bomb]
Stop Mad Cowboy DiseaseSince we fight terrorists in Iraq so not in U.S., can we change Social Security in Iraq not U.S.?No soldier's blood for oil
No Rich Republicans were hurt in the making of this warPerpetual war, perpetual profitsImpeach Lying Bush, Murderous Bigot
Declare victory and get outCongratulations Bush, you've succeeded in manipulating post 9/11 emotions into thousands of deaths in vainSustainable non-violent future or no future at all
[a bumper sticker with a picture of Clinton] Better blowjobs than no jobsBush bin-Lyin'Mission Accomplished, Bankrupt America
100,000 dead on a pack of liesRisk peace, not war[Minnesota antiwar committee] You Betcha We Say NO To War
I didn't fight in World War II for Lies, Impeach Bush [held by an old man]Neoconservative political, economic, cultural and militaristic hegemony of global markets and resources (ideologically speaking) is NOT a family valueI'd rather be fighting global warming
SHOCKing and AWEfulWeapons of mass deceptionW: You've made me ashamed to be an American!
Who will liberate US?Give the pretzel another chance [an allusion to the pretzel that Bush choked on]End the US occupation of Iraq
You can bomb the world to pieces - you can't bomb it into peaceGreed + Power = Screwing the Majority!Bush dropped everything for Terri [Schiavo] but couldn't be there for Katrina
No to the bombing!Guilty of War Crimes, Impeach BushNo More Torture
Making a Killing [a portrait of Bush with dollar signs in his eyes]Who Would Jesus Bomb?Not in our name!
George, you ignorant slutThe Bush Doctrine [with a picture of a nuclear mushroom cloud]Worst president ever [with picture of Bush]
Making America Safer?Send the TwinsMoney for education, not war
God Bless the Whole WorldBush, Liar, Murderer, TerroristUniversally Screwed America [a play on the initials USA]
Bush = Judas, stop murdering childrenWhen the power of love [portrayed as a heart] overcomes the love [heart] of power, the world will know peacePeace begins within
Stop the lying, end the dyingMake Levees Not War 

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