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Here are a few odds and ends that didn't fit in any other category.

[Mountain scenery]   [Brown grass close-up]
While driving from Oakland to Eureka at the start of the trip, we stopped for a short break along Route 20 in the coastal mountains to enjoy the scenery. This was while heading from Fort Bragg on the coast highway eastward back to Willits on Route 101.   This is a close-up of the brown grass that we saw all over the place (including in the previous picture).

[Scenery from Kneeland Road]   [Sunset from Fortuna]
This is a view from Kneeland Road, in the hills east of Eureka, looking west towards the ocean and the sun. This was one of those odd days when it was overcast inland and sunny over the ocean, instead of the reverse situation which is more common. (Greta Gormley took this picture.)   This is a sunset viewed from the hills just east of Fortuna. You can see the Eel River winding through the picture.

[Bull elk]   [Elk herd]
On the day we visited Fern Canyon, in northern Humboldt County, we also saw some elk in a field off of Davidson Road (which is the road from Route 101 to Fern Canyon).

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