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[Interior view, aft cabin]

Interior view, aft cabin. This is the view looking in the door, standing at the base of the companionway ladder. To the right, you can see the bureau that lifts off its foundation to reveal the top of the engine. The plastic tub on top is for clothes—the bureau drawers are too small and shallow to store anything serious.

[Interior view, foot of aft berth]

Interior view, foot of aft berth. The shelf above the berth stores more plastic tubs with clothes. I store chartkits on top of the tubs—they are very easy to get at here. The object to the right of the charts is an umbrella.

[Interior view, aft cabin details]

Interior view, aft cabin details. The light-colored teak box contains electrical system components (shore power charger, starting battery charger, alternator regulator, energy monitor, all by Ample Power). The big black rectangle on the front is a grille for ventilation. Below the teak box is the double door to the crawl space under the cockpit. This area contains plumbing and steering components. To the upper-left in the picture is a door to access the back of the engine instrument panel, plus the depth sounder and knot meter.


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