Solomons Christmas Walk

The gazebo along the riverside boardwalk decorated for Christmas.  

Solomons is pretty busy in the summer and even the early fall, but as you head into winter things slow down quite a bit. On many winter nights, it seems like they roll up the sidewalks, things are so dead.

To liven things up (and to provide a good excuse for people to spend money), the town organizes an annual event known as the "Solomons Christmas Walk," which takes place on a weekend in December. In the evening, instead of rolling up the sidewalks, all the shops and restaurants stay open and townspeople light elaborate Christmas decorations. Hundreds of people come into town to walk around, visit shops and restaurants, and enjoy the decorations.

Since the Christmas Walk is held at night, it features illuminated decorations. The organizers pull out all the stops and line the streets with hundreds and hundreds of candle lanterns, creating an unusual and charming effect. As visitors walk the dark streets, they are guided by flickering candlelight from the numerous lanterns.

This is also the night when the town lights its official Christmas tree (in the boardwalk gazebo), plus Santa Claus arrives on a fire engine. On one night of the weekend they have the annual Boat Parade, where boat owners decorate their boats with Christmas lights and parade around the harbor. The Christmas Walk weekend definitely marks the start of Christmas high season for Solomons Island.

I have a number of pictures from two different Solomons Christmas Walks that took place in 2004 and 2005. I have also included some nighttime pictures of Solomons that I took around the same time, plus a few pictures from the Boat Parade and the party we had at the marina.

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