Solomons Christmas Walk

Two views of Carmen's Gallery. The left-hand picture turned out a little weird. It's a time exposure, but the people on the sidewalk were standing still while they talked so they weren't blurred. For three of the four people, their heads also were not blurred, but the fourth person must have been moving his head a lot. This caused the man's head to blur so much that it doesn't show up in the picture. Instead, the man (second from left) looks like a headless torso!

An outdoor "kettle corn" stand, next to the Bears By The Bay gift shop. This is the shop that always has a bunch of spinning lawn ornaments out front.   The entrance to St. Peter's Episcopal Church. You can click on this picture to enlarge it; use your browser's "back" command to return here.

Peeking in the window of Julia's Hair Salon (their old location, which is now a day spa), as a man gets a haircut.   Street scene, looking across the boatyard of Harbor Island Marina at the Lighthouse Inn restaurant in the distance (with Bowen's Inn to the right). The street in the foreground was illuminated by the lights of passing cars during the time exposure.

The Visitor's Center for Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, a major research facility on Solomons Island. This building is named "Solomons House" and is said to be the oldest house in Solomons (circa 1780).  

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