Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Open House

Forest Canopy Research Station

In the distance, you can see the canopy crane dangling a cage full of visitors above the forest (I went up in the cage!). This view is from the SERC dock.  

Before entering the cage, you have to don a hardhat and a full body harness. The harness has a tether that is clipped to a metal ring in the cage.  

A close-up of the crane, which is a giant construction crane that drove to the site on a narrow access road.  

The previous group of people in the cage, about to be hoisted above the canopy. The cage holds three visitors and one scientist, who, as usual, explained his research and answered questions.  

Another view of the cage. You can see the crane at the right side of the picture.  

The previous group being hoisted into the canopy.  

Up, up, and away!  

Up above the trees; check out the view on the next page. You can click on this picture to enlarge it; use your browser's "back" command to return here.  

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