Visiting Isla Santa Cruz in the Galápagos Archipelago

Puerto Ayora (continued)

The side of a restaurant that fronts on the main waterfront street. I thought the pattern of horizontal and vertical lines (plus the other assorted shapes) made an interesting composition in the late afternoon sunlight.   An open-air restaurant along the main waterfront street (Av. Charles Darwin), obviously not during mealtime. They had a poster of Jesus Christ right next to the Pilsener beer sign. I don't quite know what that's supposed to mean.

A local zips past the Hotel Silberstein and its attached bar/restaurant.   I thought the restaurant was very elegantly designed and attractively presented.

Towards the east end of town, an old boat had been converted into the Galería Johanna. It wasn't open when we passed. Above the entrance canopy there were several large sun-bleached whale vertabrae. To the left of the boat was one of the few mailboxes I remember seeing (it says Correos del Ecuador).   Angelique Art Gallery, along the main street, with an extravagantly decorated exterior that included inlaid mirrors and a colorful tile mosaic. They even decorated the telephone pole in front of the shop.

This high-end gallery had really nice handicrafts, but prices were high-end, too. Most of the ordinary souvenir shops had the same cheap merchandise.  

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