Visiting Isla Isabela in the Galápagos Archipelago

Boobies, Penguins, and Sea-Lions (continued)

"Yaaawwrrrp!". Two views of a sea-lion sunning itself on a platform attached to the transom of a fishing boat.

While on our dinghy cruise we occasionally saw sea-lions cavorting in the water. They sometimes lie on their side just below the surface and their front flipper sticks out of the water looking something like a shark fin. We have also been amused on a number of occasions by the loud rude noises that sea-lions can make—coarse hacking coughs, full-bodied wet sneezes, grunts, etc. We rode over to a couple of anchored fishing boats where we could see sea-lions basking and sleeping on board. We got close enough to take good pictures, but they clearly didn't like us to come that close and moved away from us. One dove into the water, and as we were pulling away, we saw perhaps the same sea-lion shoot up out of the water and haul himself aboard the other boat. Despite the high freeboard and their considerable bulk, the sea-lions manage to jump up and use their flippers to climb aboard with apparent ease.

Two more views of the same sea-lion as before. As we got closer in the dinghy, the sea-lion got more and more anxious and finally hopped off the platform and into the boat.

When a sea-lion rests on its side just under the surface, its fins can look something like shark fins.  

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