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[Interior of Fern Canyon]  
Fallen trees inside Fern Canyon.  

We also got to visit Fern Canyon, a unique natural feature along the seacoast in northern Humboldt County. There are steep bluffs along the coast, and a stream on its way to the ocean has cut a deep winding ravine in the sandy and pebbly bluffs. The walls of the ravine are nearly vertical so the interior is fairly dim. Along with the moisture from the stream and the cool, foggy climate of the coast, this has created an environment so suitable for ferns that they have completely taken over the interior of the ravine. There are several different types of ferns and they come in all sizes from fingernail-sized to several feet long. Throughout the ravine, the ferns cover the vertical sides of the ravine with a lush tapestry of green that's quite beautiful. If you were a fern, you would surely be in fern heaven.

[Ferns on canyon wall]   [Small ferns]
This is what the ferns look like on the vertical canyon walls. Different locations have different types of ferns.   These ferns are a few inches long.

[Ferns and stream]   [Smaller ferns]
The stream sometimes cuts right up to the fern-covered canyon wall.   These ferns are about two inches long.

[Fern and wood sorrel]  
Fern and wood sorrel. Wood sorrel looks like clover but the leaves are much bigger.  

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